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ThinManager Licensing

How your investment is licensed

* Scroll Down for more information on Mirrored licensing changes.

ThinManager Licensing

ThinManager Licensing Options

std XLr Standard Licensing (5-Packs, 10-Packs, 25-Packs)
MultiMonitor, TermSecure, PXE Boot, WinTMC, MultiSession, SmartSession, Virtual Machine Management , iOS Applications for iPad & iPhone, AppLink , Automatic Failover, Instant Failover, Terminal Shadowing, Remote Management, Redundant Ethernet, Touchscreen Support, Shared Keyboard & Mouse.

Enterprise Enterprise Licensing
Server Licensing includes licenses for 2 ThinManager Servers, providing redundancy at a single location. This allows for an unlimited number of thin clients and terminal servers on a single network.

std Munici-Pack Licensing
This licensing model allows for municipalities to allocate their licensing across multiple sites and facilities within a single municipal jurisdiction.

Still not convinced? We contend that ThinManager is one of these unique investments that can " Save Money" both in the short term and over time. That is why we have created a tool to help you calculate these savings by converting to ThinManager thin client technology.

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full Full Redundancy uses a redundant pair of ThinManager Servers. ThinManager licenses and configurations are stored on both servers with a fully accessible ThinManager GUI. If terminals can't find the primary ThinManager Server they will boot from the redundant ThinManager Server and receive the same configurations and instructions as well as full access to the ThinManager application with the administrator console.

mirrored Mirrored Redundancy *
allows a synchronized pair of ThinManager servers. The primary server contains a fully functional version of ThinManager with the administrator console and allows monitoring and configuration of terminals. The secondary "mirrored" ThinManager server holds an exact copy of the licenses and configurations from the primary server. ThinManager on the mirrored server is a "view-only" interface that cannot be edited. Terminals can boot from either server and receive the same configuration. Mirrored redundancy costs 50% less than full redundancy.

* The Mirrored Redundancy catalog numbers have been flagged as End of Life (EOL)

They can be ordered through Feb 24, 2019. Starting Feb 25, 2019, the existing Full Redundancy catalog numbers should be used as the replacement.

The change to offer a single redundancy offering will simplify commercial messaging and better align ThinManager with other redundancy offerings in the portfolio.

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