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Free Version Upgrades.
Expert Phone Support.
Exclusive Discounts.
Upgrade Credit Eligibility.
Ownership/Location Transfers.

Platform Maintenance is a full-featured plan to ensure that your ThinManager system evolves with your facilities at the lowest possible out of pocket investment to customers.

Free version upgrades upon release

Platform Maintenance provides free upgrades to ThinManager, ThinServer, Relevance, firmware, terminal capabilities database, and touchscreen drivers as long as your Platform Maintenance plan is up to date at the time of the new release. A less expensive way to keep your system current DOES NOT EXIST! Platform Maintenance saves you from having to make more costly upgrade purchases down the road.

Access to live Tech Support

The ThinManager tech support department is run by the same people who develop ThinManager. Your call will be directed quickly to a friendly, knowledgeable member of our tech support team to assist you with ThinManager in order to ensure you have as much uptime as possible.

Exclusive discount opportunities

Platform Maintenance customers enjoy exclusive discounts on a variety of items such as technical hands-on training events, new product offerings, ThinManager customer events and more.

Eligibility for credits in upgrade to Enterprise/FLX

ThinManager is a highly scalable solution. For Platform Maintenance customers looking to scale up from their initial install to Enterprise or Flex licensing, we offer direct credits toward your upgrade. Upgrade credits are based on the value of your initial purchase.

Eligibility For Ownership/Location Transfers

Platform Maintenance customers are eligible for no-cost location transfers of ThinManager licensing.

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Get the most from your investment and stay productive by always having the latest tools.

The ThinManager Platform Maintenance Plan entitles a customer to one year of technical support. Phone support is available between 9 A.M. and 5 P.M. EST, Monday through Friday, normal holidays excluded. After-hours and on weekends, a Platform Maintenance Plan customer can leave a voice message for support or send an e-mail. A technical support representative will return the call on the next business day. We support ThinManager, Relevance, ThinManager Ready hardware, and "ACP" Thin Client systems. We reserve the right to refer terminal server application issues to the appropriate application vendor. Customers who have a Platform Maintenance Plan receive free upgrades to ThinManager, ThinServer, firmware, terminal capabilities database, modules, and touchscreen drivers.

All product licenses activated on a server, or synchronized pair of servers under a Master License MUST BE current on Platform Maintenance for that Master License to be tagged as “with Platform Maintenance” and eligible for telephone access to our live Tech Support team.

A product license that is not covered by Platform Maintenance is capable of defaulting a Master License “with Platform Maintenance” to “without Platform Maintenance” so is best not being added to that install without PM coverage. A product license that is covered by Platform Maintenance is incapable of defaulting a Master License “without Platform Maintenance” to “with Platform Maintenance” so is best off being activated on its own server, or server pair.

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