Automation Fair

Nov 6-9 Boston, MA

See it to believe it! That has always been the motto of Thinmanager for over 24 years. There is no better time than now to come see ThinManager in action live at Automation Fair.

With the release of the all new ThinManager 13.2, we now offer more feature rich options and security than ever before.

We are holding Sessions, Labs and of course can always be found on the show floor.

Hands On Labs

  • IL02 - Introduction to ThinManager® Hands-on Lab (ROOM 107 AB)
  • L02 - Taking Your ThinManager® Deployment to the Next Level Hands-on Lab (ROOM 107 AB)


  • IE64 - Human Meets Machine: A New Way to Look at Plant Floor Visualization (ROOM 259A)
  • PT02 - Spend Less Time Securing IT Assets and Get Back to OT With ThinManager® (ROOM 205A)
  • PT49 - Innovation Architectures that Aid your Enterprise Control (ROOM 207)

The Global Leader in Thin Client Management & Industrial Mobility Solutions

ThinManager industrial mobility

ThinManager® offers centralized management solutions for the modern factory and office by simplifying management of applications and visual sources.

ThinManager allows unprecedented control and security in a sustainable and scalable platform regardless of the size of your industrial environment or number of facilities. ThinManager's thin client architecture allows for deployment of less expensive hardware while giving users the applications and tools familiar to them in a format that reduces management and hardware costs while increasing security.

ThinManager Mobile Applications, iTMC, aTMC, winTMC


Visualization and productivity should not end at the tethered terminal or workstation. Secure mobility should be built in to your application delivery strategy. What if there were an easier way to deliver your productivity applications, reports and HMIs to tablets, smart phones, and wearables?

Relevance® extends your ability to manage every device by bringing a powerful mobile administration toolset to the award-winning ThinManager® thin client management platform. Deliver your applications to mobile devices as easily as you deliver them to PCs and thin clients.

Smart factory mobility uses location resolvers to deliver your content when, where and how with perfect accuracy and security.

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