Create composite applications
with customized layouts on a
single hi-resolution monitor

Design custom screen layouts to deliver applications and content from multiple sources.

ThinManager Virtual Screens


Virtual Screens allows multiple sources of content to be arranged on the screen in almost any way imaginable. Administrators can create custom-sized screen overlays to design “composite applications” from available user content on any terminal.

Virtual Screens are set up in a very similar manner to camera overlays. As with most ThinManager features, Virtual Screens are easily created using the wizard-based configuration tool. Simply enter screen coordinates and overlay sizes, then assign applications and content into the spaces you choose.


Session Scaling allows for applications to be autoscaled to fit a particular layout or monitor resolution. Applications no longer have to be re-written to accommodate varying resolutions. Session Scaling is the perfect compliment to Virtual Screens as it will automatically fit your content into the overlays created.


Because Virtual Screens encourages adding even more content to the operator experience, ThinManager supports 4K resolution to enhance the clarity of additional content and applications. This also allows for a single 4K monitor to act as four physical monitors operating at 1920 x 1280 without the additional costs of mounting and wiring four physical monitors. Supporting up to 25 tiles on each.

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