Distributors, use the form below to request to host a ThinManager Training Roadshow.

Start Here

Start by reviewing this PowerPoint presentation.

Full-Day hands-on event allows SI and OEM Partners to receive ThinManager Certification

Step 1

Download and read the ThinManager Training Roadshow PowerPoint. Simply click the “Start Here” linked PowerPoint on this page. Understanding the roadshow requirements will help to ensure that each training event is managed properly.

Step 2

After reviewing the event PowerPoint, use the form below to request to host a ThinManager Roadshow. Please use the form below to submit the dates for the week you would like to reserve training. Available training days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays of each week offered.

Once your information is received, someone from the ThinManager events team will contact you to determine if your request can be added to the schedule. If approved, you will also be sent information that you can use to promote the event.

For general inquiries, please contact the ThinManager events team at:

The following form is only for “submitting a request” to host a ThinManager Training Roadshow. Do not fill out the form as registration to attend an event. Registration links are provided once an event is approved to be hosted.

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