Securely deliver content through
user/role-based management.

Multiple authentication techniques allows administrators to control access to terminals and applications.


Allow users to identify themselves at any terminal using a standard login, and RFID proximity card, a USB flash key or a biometric security device. Greatly increase security by layering multiple authentication methods.


Relevance User Services can automatically deliver a user’s content to any terminal they authenticate to. Allow programs to “follow” users throughout the entire plant. Even if content is already assigned to the terminal, Relevance User Services can deliver additional content, on the fly, based on the user’s role. Terminal access and content can also be assigned at a group level.


Limit a specific user to a weekly, daily or hourly schedule or disable the terminal itself at any time you choose.


Drop the ActiveX control into your applications and you can program terminal and user specific functionality including session switching, event logging, and terminal status and management.


Preventing unauthorized access to your systems can prevent data theft and downtime.


All sessions require a Window’s user account. Relevance User Services can automatically sync with your Active Directory allowing system admins to maintain user network security while allowing engineering and plant floor administrators to manage content delivery to the plant floor.

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