Location Resolvers

Use location resolver technology
to manage your modern mobile workforce.

Location resolver technology is what sets Relevance apart from all other mobility solutions.

Mobile ThinManager

Use QR Codes, Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS to de ne locations and securely deliver applications to mobile devices.

Relevance uses four different kinds of location resolver technologies to allow you to completely define your workspace as a location-based mobile facility. Once you have defined locations, you can deliver applications and content to PCs, thin clients and mobile tablets based on where they are located. This allows administrators to secure tethered workstations and mobile devices by delivering applications and content only to specific areas where that content is allowed to be accessed.

Location setup and configuration are easily managed using the ThinManager Relevance wizard-based setup tools. Administrators have full control over how locations and users are defined so that every person who interacts with the system only receives the content they are authorized to access.

Extra security can be easily employed by creating geofences. Geofences can be configured by combining two resolver technologies such as WIFI and QR codes. For instance, by nesting a QR code within a specific WIFI access point, administrators can deliver content when that code is scanned from within the WIFI access point and take away and/or deny access to the content when a person leaves the WIFI access point. Other resolver technologies can be combined to create geofences as well.

*Requires iTMC mobile client available from the Apple App Store or aTMC mobile client available from the ThinManager Downloads page.

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