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Industrial location-based mobility solution.

Deliver your applications to mobile devices* as easy as you deliver them to PCs and thin clients.

Mobile ThinManager

Relevance provides the ability to deliver the right content to the right person at the right place with location-based mobility.

Relevance extends your ability to manage every device by bringing a powerful mobile administration toolset to the award-winning ThinManager thin client management platform. Applications and information can now be delivered based on location. This will allow your staff the option to have information automatically become available on mobile devices upon entering a defined location or scanning a location ID. Then, upon leaving the area, the information will be removed from the screen or hidden unless accessed by an authorized user.

The Shadow feature allows users to share screen information with other devices based on proximity or login. For instance, an administrator can see the same screen on his mobile device that a technician is accessing on a computer without having to walk across the plant, look over the shoulder or switch seats. The access can be view only or interactive.

ThinManager Relevance is ultra-secure as all data is stored on secure central servers and no data is saved locally. If a device is lost or stolen, no information or administrative paperwork is compromised.

*Requires iTMC mobile client available from the Apple App Store or aTMC mobile client available from the ThinManager Downloads page.

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Relevance on the ThinManager Platform. Matt Crandell presenting

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