ThinManager Logix PinPoint adds amazing functionality for Rockwell Logix users. PinPoint does just what it says - it pinpoints the exact location in your Logix code that an alert or problem has occurred.

General Information

ThinManager Logix PinPoint is a new application working within ThinManager and the other software in your system to simplify the troubleshooting process when an alarm is seen within your FactoryTalk ViewSE application.

  • You can automatically navigate to a given tag that has been triggered – very quickly get to that tag in the code and see the portion of the code that they had no part in writing 20+ years ago.
  • We will take you to the point in the Logix code where that alarm has been triggered – giving your team the insights to see what caused the alarm and take action right away.
  • This feature also allows employees with little to no coding knowledge to be directed right to the problem without having to manually scroll through several lines or rungs of code!

What's Included?

  • Lightweight application installed on ThinManager server
  • Studio 5000 View-Only License
  • License sold per terminal
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How to Buy

ThinManager Logix PinPoint is a value-add application sold separately from ThinManager. It can be purchased alongside ThinManager or added to existing ThinManager installations and is a Recommended Product for ThinManager V-FLEX through the Software eCommerce Portal.

ViewManager, a visualization application bundle, provides everything you need to run a managed HMI visualization system. Included in the bundle is an HMI server with unlimited displays, client stations, managed thin client licenses, automated tag navigation licenses and unlimited browser-based HTML client connections. For more information visit the RA Software eCommerce Portal and reference our ThinManager Ordering Guide.

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