Run existing applications
through a mobile tablet without
writing code.

More Mobility is More Productivity

ThinManager® has created a tool for mobility that allows users to connect and access their resources on the move.


ThinManager provides a client app for iOS and Android devices allowing them to operate as thin client devices. ThinManager’s iTMC and aTMC let you deliver existing content to mobile devices. Use your HMIs and other applications on the move without writing any code.

mobile devices with ThinManager

Enjoy a truly mobile thin client device.

iTMC and aTMC supports popular ThinManager features like:

  • Relevance for Users
  • The new Relevance location-based mobile platform
  • ActiveX Control
  • Bar Code and QR Scanning
  • MultiSession
  • Client to Client Shadowing
  • Instant Failover
  • Full Display Client overrides (Resolution, Login, Color Depth, etc).
  • Disabling of Terminal Servers
  • USB & IP Camera Display Clients
  • Full range of function keys, special keys (e.g. control, alt, F1, F2, etc).
  • Custom background settings for company logo, etc.

WinTMC supports all the features listed above as well as Session Tiling and Virtual Screens.

ThinManager’s Windows® client application, can be used with tablets running full Windows10 or higher to create a thin mobile experience on a Surface Pro tablet or other Windows10 enabled device.

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