Increased visualization creates a more
productive workforce and a safer
working environment.

Enjoy fast and smooth HD H.264 video at 30fps using IP or USB based cameras.

ThinManager Camera Support

Easy setup with multiple viewing options.
Take advantage of IP or USB cameras to expand your view


Just configure the camera with an IP address to add it to your network, define it as a display server, and then deploy it as a window or as part of a group of windows.


Users have the option to choose a single camera display, several cameras with multiple displays, or as an overlay in an existing application. Users can define their own custom layout of the camera overlays or choose from predefined layouts. ThinManager also allows the ability to choose whether or not the IP camera feeds are to be tiled.


If your thin client is equipped with dual Ethernet ports, it is now possible to directly connect an IP Camera into the 2nd Ethernet port on the thin client. This greatly decreases network activity, instantly freeing up more bandwidth.


IP camera support gives users the ability to see around the corner and through the walls. Use it to expand the line of vision in a production process or as a security tool to monitor every part of a facility at the same time. ThinManager’s customizable IP camera support makes it easy to define and deploy a wide variety of readily available cameras.

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