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Activating ThinManager

Activating a Demo Code

Many users of ThinManager take advantage of our free 30 day demo code to get started with a project or for testing purposes. The following steps will get you up and running quickly.

Step 1

  1. Download ThinManager (
  2. Extract/Install ThinManager (figure 1a)
  3. Launch ThinManager
    • You will be warned that there are no terminal connection licenses installed (figure 1b)
  4. D. Retrieve Installation ID(s) navigating to [ Install > Licenses ] (figure 1c & figure 1d)
    • If you plan on deploying this as a redundant ThinManager environment, you will need both the Primary and Secondary Installation IDs

** Note **    During Installation, if you do not specifically provide a username and password, the ThinServer Service will use LOCAL SYSTEM as the default user for service connection.

Step 2

  1. Visit Licensing site  [ ] (figure 2a)
  2. Click “Get a Demo Code” (figure 2b)
  3. C. Fill required form fields with installation ID(s) (figure 2c)
    • For redundant ThinManager environments, make sure to enter both Primary and Secondary Installation IDs
  4. Click “Create” → * You will receive Demo Code via email *

Step 3

  1. Copy Demo code from received Email
    • As this email is system generated, if you did not receive it, please check your “junk” or “spam” filtered folder
  2. Within ThinManager return to menu  [ Install > Licenses ] (figure 1c)
  3. Click the button labeled “Install Demo Code” (figure 1d)
  4. Paste Demo Code and click “OK” (figure 3a)
    • You should see a message that reads “DemoCode installed successfully” (figure 3b)

** Note **    Will receive a warning of “no master license” each time you launch ThinManager while using ThinManager with a demo code.

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figure 1a
figure 1b
figure 1c
figure 1d
figure 2a
figure 2b
figure 2c
figure 3a
figure 3b

ThinManager Activation (TMA) Master License

Product Licenses are the permanent licenses that are purchased for running ThinManager. The Product License is added to a user created Master License that acts as a container for the Product Licenses. The Master License is then activated with the Installation ID, downloaded, and installed in ThinManager.

Permanent Product Licenses

  1. Register on license site at to access the ThinManager Licensing site. It will require contact information.
  2. Log in to the ThinManager licensing site once you have your login information. You can select your name in the upper right corner to access your profile and change your given password to one of your choice.
  3. Create a Master License by selecting the link in the Licensing site menu bar. The Description allows you to tag the license with text to make it easier to manage. Many of the fields will be populated with data from your user account. Once you select the Create button you will be taken to the Master License page.
  4. Add Product License to your Master License by selecting the Add Product License link on your Master License page. It will ask if it is part of a Redundant system. You may add Product Licenses as needed.
  5. Activate the Master License by selecting the Activate License link and entering the Installation ID from your ThinManager. The Installation ID is found at the bottom of the ThinManager Licensing window that is opened by selecting [ Install → Licenses ] in the ThinManager menu bar. Selecting the Create button will allow a download of the license file.
  6. Download the License file when the "Click here to download your license file" link is displayed. Do not save it into the ThinManager directory but save it to a folder that is accessible from ThinManager.
  7. Install the License File by selecting  [ Install → Licenses ]  in the ThinManager menu bar to open the Licensing window. Select "Install License". A file browser window will oepn. Navigate to the downloaded *.LIC license file. Select the *.LIC file and select "Open".
  8. Once installed, the Master License number should be displayed in the Master License Number field and the Product License should be shown with a green icon in the Licensing window. Select "Done".

** Note **    At registration, use accurate information as your login credentials will be sent to your e-mail address.

** Note **    ThinManager may issue development licenses to System Integration Partners and ThinManager distributors as Product Licenses that will need to be added to Master Licenses.


  1. Define your remote desktop servers in the Display Server branch of the ThinManager tree.
  2. Define the applications you want to run as display clients on the Display Client branch of the ThinManager tree.
  3. Define the terminals in the Terminal branch of the ThinManager tree.
  4. Add hardware to the system and associate the hardware to a configured profile.

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Extract the installer and files from download, place where desired (i.e. Desktop) and choose "Install now" to begin install.

This initial launch screen warning tells you that you currently have no licenses installed. You need a demo license or master license.

Navigate to the install menu and then to Licenses to install demo license or master license.

Navigate to [ install > Licenses ]. Window shows the installation/primary ID. It also has the option to install the demo code ID that you will receive by email once you complete the Demo Code form.

Navigate to or click the user icon in the top right of the navigation on

Select "Get a Demo Code" on the left top of the navigation bar.

Fill in required form fields using the primary installation ID copied from your ThinManager install

After selecting "install demo code" and paste your demo code that was emailed to you in this feild. Select "OK".

You will receive a warning that there is no master license, select "OK". You should then be presented this screen telling you that your DemoCode installed successfully.

Navigate to "Support" and then to "License Activation" to see the license options based on your ThinManager version.

Click "License Activation" to navigate to the licensing portal to set up your account.

Choose either "Sign In" or create a new licensing account by selecting "Register".

Complete form to register a new account for ThinManager master licenses, product additions and activation.

click "Create Master License" to create a master license to manage all your ThinManager product installs.

Once you have created the master license you can add product license to the master by selecting "Add Product License". You can add multiple product licenses to meet your facility needs as purchased.

Once you have added your product licenses you need to activate your ThinManager by downloading the activation license file and installing it in to ThinManager.

You should see this screen once you have clicked to downloaded the product activation file.

Within ThinManager, navigate to [ Install > Licenses ]. Select "Install License" and navigate to the downloaded activation file to complete your product activation.

Navigate to where the activation file was downloaded and select it and click "Open" to install the license activation file.

This alert should appear showing that the activation is complete and the license was successfully installed. Click "OK". You are done, Click "Done".

FactoryTalk Activation (FTA) Master License

ThinManager can be activated using Rockwell Automation's FatoryTalk Activation Manager. Please follow the link below to read instructions on how to activate your copy of ThinManager through FactoryTalk Activation. The instructions cover the following topics and more.

  • Installing the FactoryTalk Activation Manager using the ThinManager Install program.
  • Activating the ThinManager licenses with the FactoryTalk Activation Manager.
  • Applying the FactoryTalk Activation to ThinManager.

ThinManager Knowledge Base:
License Activation with FactoryTalk Activation »

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