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Standard ThinManager Features

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MultiSession (Multiple Session)

ThinManager allows ThinManager Ready thin clients to connect to multiple terminal servers and run multiple sessions. These sessions are cascaded on the thin client and can be accessed with a hot key or a selector bar.

SmartSession (Load Balancing)

ThinManager allows thin clients to connect to groups of terminal servers. ThinManager will poll the servers and determine their load based on CPU usage, memory usage and number of sessions. The thin client will then connect to the terminal server with the lightest load. [more info »]

Mobile Apps - iTMC, aTMC & WinTMC

With today’s high functioning mobile platforms, ThinManager can continue to increase productivity even when not at your desktop. Our TMC apps for iOS and Android allow tablets and smart phones to function as thin client devices. No applications or data are stored on the devices so your security remains fully intact. Location-based resolvers with Relevance allow you to set up specific “Geo-Fences” to make sure the term ”mobile” is clearly defined by you. [more info »]

Virtual Machine Management

ThinManager can connect and manage a VMWare ESXi server. This allows you to deploy virtual desktops to the thin clients, backup virtual servers using a snapshot, or power on or off the virtual machines from within ThinManager.
[more info »]

Automatic Failover

ThinManager allows the thin client to be assigned to several terminal servers. If the terminal server fails, the thin client will detect it and switch to a backup terminal server, preventing downtime.

Instant Failover

ThinManager allows the thin client to logon to two terminal servers at once. The primary session will be displayed while the session from the backup terminal server is hidden. If the primary terminal server fails, the thin client will simply switch to the backup session, providing immediate failover.

Shared Keyboard & Mouse

ThinManager allows a single keyboard and mouse to be shared among as many as 5 Thin Clients. The user is then able to slide the mouse off the screen of one client and have it move onto the screen of another, saving desk space.

MultiMonitor (Multiple Monitor Support)

Several ThinManager Ready thin clients are available with multiple video ports, allowing up to five monitors to be connected to one thin client. These monitors can run individual sessions or can be configured to merge into double-wide and triple-wide sessions. [more info »]


MultiStation provides the same end user functionality as a standard ThinManager Platform environment, with up to 80% less hardware needed to offer the same quality performance. It is perfect for environments with limited space and projects with a limited budget. MultiStation makes sure you are getting the most performance possible from your hardware.
[more info »]


You can now use versatile ThinManager functions such as SmartSession, MultiSession, AppLink, Instant Failover, and other features normally reserved for use on ThinManager Ready hardware on your Windows PC. You will now have more options when managing, configuring, and designing your entire Terminal Server Network.
[more info »]

Relevance User Services (formerly TermSecure)

Increase the effectiveness of your ThinManager Ready thin client network by adding users to your management tree. Control user access with a ThinManager manual login, or use proximity cards and/or USB flash keys. Grant or deny user access to thin clients, terminal server applications, and sessions with permission groups. [more info »]

IP & USB Cameras

ThinManager provides support for IP cameras. Our highly customizable program lets you choose the options that best fit your needs. Most IP Cameras that conform to the mjpeg (motion jpeg) are supported. If your thin client is equipped with dual Ethernet ports, it is now possible to directly connect an IP Camera into the 2nd Ethernet port on the thin client. This greatly decreases network activity, instantly freeing up more bandwidth.
[more info »]

Client Shadowing

ThinManager allows ThinManager Ready thin clients to be "shadowed" from within ThinManager. This allows the administrator to see exactly what is being run on the thin clients. ThinManager also allows the administrator to see what user is logged into a session and what applications and processes they are running.

AppLink (Application Publishing)

ThinManager allows terminal servers to be configured so that only one application runs in the session. This can be used as a security tool to limit access to unwanted programs. AppLink, in combination with the MultiSession functionality, allows a ThinManager Ready thin client to connect to sessions that have a specific application.

ThinManager Capable Hardware & PXE Boot

ThinManager has a PXE server that can be activated to let many common thin clients connect and be managed by ThinManager. A ThinManager XLi or XLr license is needed to boot ThinManager Ready thin clients.

Session Tiling

ThinManager allows multiple sessions running anywhere on the ThinManager network to be viewed through one thin client monitor.

Redundant Ethernet

Many ThinManager Ready thin clients have dual Ethernet ports and ThinManager takes advantage of this by allowing you to connect the thin client to a pair of routers so that there are two paths to the terminal servers. If one leg of the network fails, the thin client will seamlessly switch to the other port.

Touchscreen Support

ThinManager provides touch screen support by simply adding a touch screen module to the configuration. There are currently 18 serial touch screens and a universal USB touch screen module.

Remote Management

ThinManager provides the ability to control and manage thin clients from any location while letting you monitor its status, change configurations, reboot the thin client, disable or enable the thin client, or shadow the thin client from a central location. You can connect and manage a remote ThinManager and thin clients from a local ThinManager if you have the right credentials.

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