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Our goal for the ThinManager Integrator Partnership is to establish a relationship between ThinManager and the integrator. This partnership will enable integrators to increase their knowledge base and skill set with ThinManager as well as provide an enhanced level of application and technical support on ThinManager projects.

Certified Partners receive the following benefits:

  • Access to project license (10-Pack of Redundant XLr for 90 days per project)
  • Access to an annual lab license (10 clients of Redundant XLr)
  • Project & lab licenses include Platform Maintenance which includes free version upgrades & tech support
  • Discounts to regional hands-on training and events
  • Invitations to exhibit at our yearly shows
  • Technical support for a customer that is current on Platform Maintenance
  • Searchable listing on ThinManager website
  • Promotional material on ThinManager website and other media

Certified Partner Requirements:

  • You can attend a hands-on 8 hour complimentary training to become an Integrator Partner. This can be done at the ThinManager training facility or an alternative remote location.
  • OR
  • Certification can be obtained from on-demand labs. Download the lab exercises, configure ThinManager, and then submit the configurations for approval and certification.

Training is provided at our corporate headquarters located in Alpharetta, GA or one of our regional training classes ( regional training date list ).

If you are interested in becoming a ThinManager Integrator Partner, please fill out the form below.

If you have any questions, please contact

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