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ThinManager Complete Solution

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We eliminate the 2 a.m. phone call.
Equipment failure is a crisis demanding quick attention. ACP ThinManager allows any ThinManager Ready Thin Client to be replaced by anyone in minutes instead of the hours required for standard Windows PC replacement. We turn down time into your time.

see how it worksThinManager Platform
is the most complete thin client and terminal server management tool available.

Quicker installs with less configuration
No hard drive means no software to install on the Thin Clients. Terminal Server environments allow a single install of each application for use by all connected Clients. Configuration Wizards make setup easier than ever before.

Lower cost
Lower cost CPU, no floppy or hard drives, and less memory means Thin Clients are less expensive.

Less maintenance
Maintenance is reduced to a few servers in a central location. The constant maintenance of distributed PC operating systems is eliminated with Thin Clients.

Improved At-A-Glance Management
Manage your entire network from ThinManager by viewing all ThinManager Servers and all Terminal Servers in one tree. See which Clients are online and follow graphically the network path from the Clients back to all the servers. Configure and maintain each Client individually in ThinManager, or put the Clients into groups, and manage many Clients at once.

Remote Administration
View multiple servers and clients from a single ThinManager screen. This allows management of the Terminal Server network from a single machine regardless of how many clients or servers make up the system.

Simultaneously connect two or more terminal servers and run the applications you need. Switch between your sessions using a mouse click or keystroke. Now one ThinManager Ready thin client can give you access to all of your servers and programs.

Imagine a computer network that can make decisions about how to best allocate its resources. That's what SmartSession does for your terminal server network. As resources are used, SmartSession decides where to assign users to keep the Terminal Servers running at peak efficiency. SmartSession's unique Queuing feature helps administrators manage the terminal server's processor load by pausing individual clients before connection if necessary.

Automatic Failover
In the event of a Terminal Server failure, the client will fail over to a back up server and continue working. Imagine the peace of mind this provides. ThinManager allows every Client to be assigned to several Terminal Servers. If the current Terminal Server fails, the Client will switch to another designated Terminal Server, allowing the unit to continue functioning in the event of a server failure.

Instant Failover
The Instant Failover Module allows Clients to run sessions on two Terminal Servers simultaneously. If the primary Terminal Server fails, the Client will instantly switch to the waiting session.

IP video, Virtual Machine support and more
Moving beyond terminal servers and managing sessions we wanted to expand ThinManager's MultiSession core to allow even more insight into the industrial process. Now ThinManager allows you to run IP Video through a thin client as one of many sources of information you might want to display. You can even overlay the video on top of another session. We will continue to add display sources like Virtual Machines, all of which can be configured or laid out on a monitor or multiple monitors in almost any way you can imagine.

Multiple Monitors give you greater insight
ThinManager Platform 5 supports our MultiMonitor* module which allows up to five monitors on one thin client.* Because multiple sessions are available for display through a single client and because each monitor can display more than one session, you can potentially view your entire factory process through one thin client hooked up to five monitors. {Click here for more information regarding MultiMonitor.}

Secure Your Terminal
ThinManager uses the TermSecure* module to allow managers to set security parameters that go far beyond the standard username and password authentication. TermSecure will allow you to have only authorized applications delivered to end users based on your settings. TermSecure also supports technologies like RF Card IDs and USB key authentication. {Click here for more information regarding TermSecure}

Not quite ready to dive into thin clients?
ThinManager supports WinTMC*, ACP's software client that provides a Windows PC the functionality of a Thin Client. It also gives ThinManager the ability to manage the PC, and even shadow its desktop, whether or not the user is running a terminal session. WinTMC even supports ThinManager's MultiMonitor functionality. {Click here for more information regarding WinTMC.}

ThinManager now includes real time memory and CPU usage graphs, and SmartSession enabled Terminal Servers have the ability to trend the graphs for up to one hour. ThinManager will even graph the load of all the servers in a SmartSession group, allowing improved terminal server network administration.

Event Logging
ThinManager retains and displays a history of terminal events that can be used to monitor thin client usage or troubleshoot.

Adding additional functions to Clients is as easy as selecting a module from the module list. Available modules include: Touch Screen, Screen Savers, USB Keyboard and Mouse, Local Storage and Local Printer modules.


*sold separately with ThinManager Standard Licensing. Click here for more information

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