ThinManager Certification Instructions

Attention: To earn credit for submitting labs toward ThinManager Certification, you must first register to do so.

  • If you came to this page after filling out a form, you have already registered.
  • If you have not completed the registration form, Click to register now and be returned to this page.
  • You also may have already registered through Rockwell Automation here. If so, please proceed below.

You will need to get a Demo Code from
to access the components of the ThinManager Program to run the labs.

Below are the five steps needed to earn your certification for ThinManager. Simply download the pdf with instructions for each lab exercise and follow the lab instructions. Upon completion of each lab click on the upload results button and upload your file to us. Labs will likely not be graded one at a time. Please do not wait for a response before continuing to and submitting the next lab.

  • ThinManager can be downloaded at
  • It should be installed on a computer that won’t be used for production. This way it doesn’t need a license or demo code as no terminals will be booting from this install
  • When a lab is completed you need to back up your completed ThinManager configuration by selecting Manage > Backup from the ThinManager menu bar.
  • Name the configuration “YourNameLab#.db” so we can tell the submissions apart. My submission would be PaulBurnsLab04.db, for example.
  • Once it is backed up and named properly please select the Upload Results button, select the lab it covers, browse to your saved configuration file, and select the Upload button.

This is an open book test. Feel free to use any resources, including:

If you are having problems or have questions, please at email us at

Lab 1

The introductory lab steps you through the deployment of ThinManager to several departments in a sample factory.

Lab 2

The second lab covers the creation of a control room and the deployment of MultiMonitor thin clients.

Lab 3

The third lab extends the ability of ThinManager by deploying cameras, Virtual Screens, Terminal Shadow clients, and WinTMC.

Lab 4

The fourth lab covers the ability to restrict access to applications using permissions and Relevance User Services.

Lab 5

The fifth lab deploys a new production line that relies on mobile devices and Relevance Location Services.

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