ThinManager Certification

Welcome to the online certification for ThinManager. Please complete the form below to gain access to the steps needed to get certified with ThinManager or as a ThinManager integrator. After each step you can upload your progress and continue to the next step even before you get back your results.

Certified Partners receive the following benefits:

  • Access to project license (10-Pack of Redundant XLr for 90 days per project)
  • Access to an annual lab license (10 clients of Redundant XLr)
  • Project & lab licenses include Platform Maintenance which includes free version upgrades & tech support
  • Technical support for a customer that is current on Platform Maintenance
  • Searchable listing on ThinManager website
  • Promotional material on ThinManager website and other media
  • ThinManager Partner badge to display on your website

Certified Partner Requirements:

  • You can attend a hands-on 8 hour complimentary training to become an Integrator Partner. This can be done at the ThinManager training facility or an alternative remote location.
  • OR
  • Certification can be obtained from on-demand labs. Download the lab exercises, configure ThinManager, and then submit the configurations for approval and certification. Simply fill out the form to register on this page.

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