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Relevance Location-based Secure Mobility, MultiMonitor, Virtual Screens, PXE Boot, WinTMC, MultiSession, SmartSession, Virtual Machine Management , iOS Apps, AppLink, Automatic Failover, Instant Failover, Terminal Shadowing, Remote Management, Redundant Ethernet, Touchscreen Support, Shared Keyboard & Mouse and more are all included.


ThinManager’s new flexible volume licensing (V-FLEX) allows users to purchase a single connection license or buy in bulk to take advantage of built-in volume-based discounts. V-FLEX licensing can be used across your facilities and domains as you see fit. We now offer two tiers of support coverage in our Software Maintenance packages – 8x5 and 24x7. Better yet, the first year is included!


ThinManager can now be licensed by annual subscription. Whether you choose FactoryTalk™ Activation or ThinManager Activation, we have you covered. If you have gotten on the bandwagon of paying annually for software, we can now accommodate you. This is the perfect option for any business that expects changes in the number of end-user seats needed year to year.


Full-Redundancy uses a redundant pair of servers storing configurations on both with a fully accessible ThinManager GUI. Taking measures to eliminate downtime is crucial in today’s production and business environment. Now you can add redundancy to your ThinManager environment at a lower cost per license.


Support for ThinManager software comes in two flavors, 24x7 and 8x5, depending on the times and level of support you might need. All current Software Maintenance subscribers receive complimentary version upgrades.


Using an older version of ThinManager? Not current on your Software Maintenance plan? We offer a path to quickly get all of your ThinManager installations up-to-date.

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